From chubby > to skinny > athletic.

The Start

I started out being chubby throughout my life until puberty hit in high school. I had skinny lil legs and no butt whatsoever, I hated it. Of course, heart break hit me hard in high school and so I took to the gym to try and relieve some of that emotion and decided to try and build my body. With no knowledge of how to do anything, I did mostly cardio. Then I hit my heavy days into my senior year of high school and about a year into college. One day I looked in the mirror, saw how much weight I gained, and cried. That sucked! From there, I decided to change my lifestyle around. 



I started going to the gym (again) everyday and I eventually lost all my excess weight. I fell in love with fitness after that. One day, while I was doing deadlifts at the gym, I met my coach Joe. He convinced me to try doing bodybuilding competitions at the bikini level, and so my love for fitness grew. 

I competed in a few shows, each doing better and better, but never really getting where I wanted to be (I still had lil legs, they were shredded and awesome, but I still had a tiny butt and that was no bueno). I couldn’t really afford a trainer anymore so I decided to take a break from competing. That didn’t stop me though. I still went hard everyday at the gym and that eventually took notice. A few friends and family members asked me to train them and so that led to me getting my personal trainers certification. Then in 2018 I decided to compete again. This time, I placed and did well! Watch out ya'll, you about to see me grace the stage even more so in 2019. 



Little by little, I started to sculpt my body to how I wanted it to look. I spent countless hours reading textbooks and articles about muscle growth. I was able to build the butt that I wanted to have! My confidence sky rocketed. Through so many years of trial and error, I was able to achieve something that I thought was a mere dream. I NEVER want to feel bad about myself again.


Dispelling the myths

Early on in my transformation I talked about my friend and my coach at the time, Joe. He taught me how to train properly and that women can do more than they think. He taught me principles of training and nutrition, that I was under-eating on important nutrients and over-indulging in the "health fads" that were being spread throughout the fitness community.

After that, I set out to learn AS MUCH AS I COULD. My goal was to arm myself with knowledge and to keep growing! So I spent so many hours reading, studying, and IMPLEMENTING what I had learned. I was told that "asians couldn't grow a booty. I was DETERMINED to prove them wrong.  

Ethnicity doesn't matter. Sex doesn't matter. What mattered was my will to work harder. 


Becoming a coach

I decided to coach because I was SICK of people spreading false information about fitness. I was tired of seeing naturally gifted people selling their programs when I know they hadn't endured hardship in their own fitness journey. I was tired of these "programs" designed by people who only sold them for selfish reasons. So, I decide to coach myself & others around me.

I implement ALL the strategies that I've learned over the years into my program. All my programs change continuously as I learn more information. They say the proof is in the pudding, and darling - we have lots of pudding here. 

Empowering PEOPLE 

I'm not one of those people who doesn't practice what I teach. Not only have I transformed my life, I've also helped my fiance lose weight and BUILD MUSCLE. Both women AND men should feel good about themselves.


"Hard work never goes to waste"

I used to hate my body. I used to cry when I looked in the mirror. I remember every single negative comment people made about my "small butt". 

I got tired of hating the way I looked. I got tired of hearing bull shit from other people. I got tired of crying to myself.

I changed myself.

I used everything in my arsenal to start LOVING the way I looked. I used hard work and dedication to transform my body.

All those days spent going to the gym, reading, learning, growing, it all paid off. 

I love myself. I love to train daily. I love eating foods that nourish my body. I continually challenge myself to grow even more.

If I can do it, you can too.


Aspire to Inspire

My role as a coach is to empower you to be better than you were yesterday. I want to inspire you to inspire others to follow in your footsteps! Any progress is GOOD progress. If you're even THINKING about starting something, you're already ahead of the rest.


Check out some of my RTF programs & join the movement today!


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